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WE DID IT! The 2017 open is officially over. It’s in the books. We were completely unsuccessful in deciphering all of Dave’s workout, “hints.”. We found out and have now completed all the workouts. We gave every workout everything that we had. We had ups. We had downs. We had moments of self-doubt. We had […]

Until that Moment.

As soon as Dave Castro came over to our team and let us know that he was about to announce us as the” 2016 CrossFit Games Affiliate Cup Champions,” I couldn’t hold it together any longer. Until that moment, my team had hardly seen me display any excessive emotion. I rarely get angry or frustrated […]

Inspired by the “why”

I am not an “OG” CrossFitter. I am far, far from it. I tried CrossFit for the first time in late 2010 so I am into my sixth CrossFit year. I feel like I have been in this sport forever because of the tremendous growth I have witnessed since I first became involved. During my […]

From Individual to Team

The year of 2015 beat me up. More than any year of competition had before. Throughout just the games season I was having some tendonitis in my shoulder,  I had a rib dislocate a couple times, I got rhabdo in my quads and was in the hospital for a couple days, I had 2 bad […]

Appreciate the Struggle

What happens when you give your best and you feel like that it’s still not enough? You lift the heaviest weight that you can, but it is not as much as others have lifted. You improve your score, but not as much as others have improved theirs. It is an extremely tough feeling knowing that […]

Your Only Competition Is Yourself

Your only competition is yourself We all start somewhere. We all walk into a new gym for the first time, sign up and contemplate what future goals we hope to accomplish there. We start out really well, just trying to focus on ourselves and our own workouts, but sometimes we get lost along the way. […]

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